Jeff Matlock, owner and creator of C3 Premier, LLC,  has over two decades of experience working with botany.  With a background in construction early in his career, he is self taught in stone work, an area that came naturally to him due to his strength in geometry and his gift of a critical artistic eye.

The combination of this work experience and talent has led to a successful career in custom landscaping.  Living in Vail Valley since 1992, he of course had to adjust his business to accommodate what people love most about this area, the seasons.  Maintenance services like winterization and snow removal accompanied traditional summer requests, and soon led to holiday decorating during the peak tourist months.  Jeff takes pride in all of his work, and delights in surpassing customers’ expectations.

Greenhouse pano, flowers

Tree lighting and Christmas tree selection and decoration is an art, proven by his work.  When Spring comes back around, the business takes on a new focus, and that is providing diverse botany in custom floral containers.  Much like fine dining, Jeff caters to the tastes of the client as well as provides “off menu” selections that truly captures the essence of the lushness and vibrance characteristic of the valley  during Spring.  

Taking an intellectual approach to all matters and loving the great outdoors, a trained chef in a previous life, Jeff has future endeavors in organic greenhouse farming.