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Locally Sourced & Mountain Fresh,                  ~ Premier Botany ~

Greenhouse Grown, our local greenhouses are the number one reason our containers flourish the way they do.  Handpicking every plant that enters our grounds from infancy, only the genetically strong will be accepted, taking extra care to maintain good health throughout the growth cycle.  The plants are conditioned to live in the Vail Valley temperate climate, protected of course by the greenhouses from premature death during the spring frost.  We hand water every container twice daily, pruning as needed to maximize the growth of the flowering plants.

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Planters for Hotel Talisa (formerly the Cascade Resort and Spa), pictured here, are one of several repeat hospitality accounts we cater to.  Often times clients will give container measurements and desired budget, leaving everything else to the owner, Jeff Matlock, whose experience and keen eye out performs their expectations without fail.   Jeff takes pride in never repeating a design or color scheme for returning clients so as to keep them guessing what might come next season.

Flowers are grown for a variety of container types, and may be supplied by the customer or purchased from us directly.  There is no minimum requirement of containers to be grown in our greenhouses.


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Examples of selections made for the greenhouses:

It’s always fun choosing flowers for containers, but the options don’t just end at floral.  There are many edible plants, vegetables, mosses and succulents the can be added for variety.  C3 Premier includes organic edibles in the greenhouses for consumption as well as creative additions to containers.

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